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Outsourcing website creation by Bsquid

Keeping website creation in-house seems like the easiest and most convenient thing to do.
But, in the end, outsourcing the creation of your clients' websites might be the best thing you've ever done.

Here are six reasons why outsourcing can be advantageous:

  • Expenses: less expensive than a new hire

  • Time: Can't juggle website updates and other responsibilities

  • Competence: relying on outside help means you don't need to be trained or keep up with trends

  • Resources: an outside company has people with a variety of complementary skills

  • Perspectives: more perspectives means improvements to offer your customers

  • Synergy: partnership with a website management team combines their skill and your expertise


Managing website creation in-house can be expensive.
Are you considering hiring to manage website creation for your customers?
Consider the expenses associated with a new hire... salary, benefits, taxes.
You also need to think about hardware and software. Do you need to purchase a computer for your new employee? Will he or she need a certain software like Photoshop?
Will this person need special training to learn the software or gain additional web skills?

Don't forget to consider the overheads and costs associated with the employee search, interview, and onboarding process (e.g., costs to post job ads).

Suddenly, the costs add up, and they become higher than what you would spend if you outsourced website design and development. Outsourcing can help keep your overheads low, and I don't have to remind you that we're a 100% deductible cost.


Managing a website can be a time-consuming task for those who are not web experts.
A task that takes your employee four hours may only take 30 minutes to a qualified agency.
By outsourcing the work, you can keep your staff focused and efficient.


BSQUID eats, breathes and lives the web. Our job is to stay current on best practices, emerging technologies, and the most important details involved in creating and managing websites.
Do you have time or resources to spend researching web trends?
Can you be sure your efforts have the same wisdom that comes with years of practice?
We already have extensive experience, and our expertise is available to you.


There are many different details to manage and tasks to complete in making an efficient website.
With our outsourced website creation and management service you gain access to experts from different disciplines.
Design and development all in one place.
You don't need to find resources one by one; you won't even have to hire.
Your company can have all the resources it needs.


By outsourcing website creation for your customers, you can gain new perspectives.
For example, we can help you create a conversion optimization strategy.
With us, you can bring a new set of eyes and ears and help your company figure out which tool works best to get the results you want.
Website creation outsourcing can be invaluable in getting new insights.


Using our website building outsourcing service doesn't mean you're abandoning the process altogether.
Rather, you're looking for a strategic partner, we're experts in our business, you're experts in yours.
By working together, you can offer your customers a website that surprises and delights visitors and produces lasting, measurable results.


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